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Remembering Walter Edward Grimes

Walter Grimes Funeral Program

F is for Father

F is for father you gave me your name, you made me your child and loved me the same.

F is for the fun we had during our family times. Wrestling, playing, listening to music from your K-Tel/Columbia House collection- Aretha to Miles Davis to Simon & Garfunkel. Listening to and watching comedy and variety shows together, from Laugh-In  and Flip Wilson, Sammy Davis, Della Reese, Sonny & Cher to  Carol Burnett and Hee Haw.

F is for a firm but fair disciplinarian. The only time we feared you was when we failed to obey Mom.

F is for fast. You were the man I could never catch in that continuous game of tag that we played for years.

F is for fishing which you enjoyed so much. Whether at one of the many lakes around Grayson County near the Texas/Oklahoma border, the little creek in Halawa, Hawaii, or the lake on  Andrew AFB in Maryland, you brought those scaly fish home for mom to clean and for us to enjoy.

Walter E. Grimes & Family

F is for the foreign languages that you were exposed to in your travel abroad. German seemed to be your favorite and the one you shared the most with us.

F is for cartoon fanatic – Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck, Road Runner/Coyote, Sam/Ralph, Fog Horn Leg Horn Speedy Gonzales, Pepe La Pew, Yosemite Sam, and the rest of the Warner Brothers line up. Yogi and Boo Boo, Snaggle Puss , and the rest of the Hannah Barbara gang. And of course Pop-Eye. They were like family.

F is for football and all the sports that you loved to watch on the one TV that we had.

F is for flatulence. A great farter you were! Yet you  always  humbly gave the credit to the “rats” in the couch.

F is for fighter and the fortitude that you displayed as you overcame your flaws, which were few and your health challenges, which were many.

F is for friend to many, from the Andrews commissary where you worked during your retirement years to Morningside and Suitland Neighborhoods.

F is for your faithfulness to our mother and for your loving devotion to all of us. Picking me up and dropping me off at Drexel University or dutifully administering scalp massages, back rubs, foot massages, and, pedicures to mom

Finally,  F is for Christ follower, your faith in Jesus Christ, your salvation in Him and dedication to Him. How it makes us rejoice that you are face to face with Your Heavenly Father in glory forever singing his praises.©

~Karen Grimes Galloway


Walter E. Grimes Obituary
Walter E. Grimes Obituary


Military Interment Service for Walter E. Grimes at Cheltenham State Veterans Cemetery, Cheltenham MD


Walter "Dickie" Grimes Family & Friends
Walter “Dickie” Grimes Family & Friends
Walter "Dickie" Grimes Family & Friends
Walter “Dickie” Grimes Family & Friends



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  1. Sandra Reed

    What a beautiful tribute, dedication and celebration of life. He was loved by many, especially his lovely and giving wife Roenia, children, grandchildren and family. Dickie is smiling now.

  2. Kristin

    What a nice tribute to your father.

  3. Phyllis Byars

    Karen thank you for sharing this and bringing so many good memories to the fore. I am thankfully to God for giving me Uncle Dickie (what? He had another name?) a godly example of loving fatherhood. I remember a summer running in what seemed to be an endless green lawn and Uncle Dickie’s sunset call leet in us know we were under safe guard. I remember strong laughter and great story telling. Thank you Lord for the life loved by your son and his fight of the good fight. Walter Grimes, son of the Most High, husband, father, God-father, soldier, friend and much more. Job well done.

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