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MyHeritage DNA: Raw Data Uploaded

Image of MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimate
MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimate

I finally got around to transferring  raw DNA data from AncestryDNA  to MyHeritage DNA. The nudge that I needed was a clarion call from genealogist Shannon Christmas  that MyHeritage DNA had added a chromosome browser , improved its matching algorithm, and that  he had received a great number of additional DNA matches. The MyHeritage company extended the invitation to transfer raw data from other autosomal DNA testing services for free over a year ago in 2016. MyHeritage DNA currently has more than 1.075 million people in the DNA database. I have shared my experience with some of the other testing platforms in an earlier post, “DNA Testing for Genealogy. Autosomal Testing Demystified”. Every time I receive the results from one of these tests or uploads, it’s as if I have thrown a party where the guests show up in the form of ethnicity estimates. When compared to previous parties (test result reveals), I usually…